At Good Vibes, we develop lifelong musicians by making music fun to learn. With a holistic approach, our students have the opportunity to practice, write, record and play music in a positive and dynamic environment fostering love for music culture and empowering our students to take ownership of their learning.


With an emphasis on original song writing, stage presence, studio recording and performance preparation, students at Good Vibes will grow both musically and personally, while building self-confidence, refining their skills, enhancing creativity and making lifelong friends.




We are located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, near Conchal and Brasilito beaches.

Conveniently situated on the road to all the international schools in the area.

We have 7 fully equipped and soundproof classrooms and a professional recording studio, as well as a stage where live sessions take place.

We have a growth and expansion plan to other areas of Costa Rica.

We love to receive visits and give them our welcome tour.

Hope to see you here!



Good Vibes provides students of all ages the opportunity to practice, write, record, and perform music in a positive and dynamic learning environment.

Our programs are tailored to each student’s ability level and interests, making the learning process a personal and rewarding experience.

This personalized approach, paired with a relaxed and supportive environment, fosters a LOVE of music and empowers our students to take ownership of their learning.

We believe that music education should be as challenging, stimulating and inspiring as it is fun!



"We create lifelong learners of music by making music fun to learn!"

Good Vibes serves a truly international community with students of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. Learning, especially in terms of musical education, cannot be a so-called "one-size-fits-all" experience which provides all the students with the same type of instruction, themes, and content with little variation or modification from student to student.

Our intention is to facilitate the academic success of each student by first determining their interests, needs, and aspirations, and then providing learning experiences that are customized-to a greater or lesser extent-for each student.

We take student interests very seriously.

Our teachers will take the time to get to know each student and why they are interested in music. Students will often be allowed to choose the song or artist they are interested in studying and will set personal goals based on their interests.

Our teachers will then guide students step- by- step to achieving their learning goal, discussing and teaching all of the required theoretical and technical concepts along the way.

Students at Good Vibes are empowered to take ownership of their learning.

Our students have a voice in establishing why, what, and how learning experiences take shape. Real learning happens when musical education becomes engaging and FUN.



Rock School Programs are at the heart of our musical offerings at Good Vibes. These period-long ensemble programs employ a powerful and inspirational educational process through which students work together to rapidly amplify their musical development. In an approach that cultivates artistic expression through teamwork and perseverance, students will be immersed in full collaboration with members of their own band. Band members will actively share ideas and work together in a constructive and compassionate social environment towards the goal of a final performance at a local music venue. With an emphasis on original song writing, studio recording, stage presence and performance preparation, students will grow both musically and personally while building self-confidence, refining their skills, enhancing creativity, and making lifelong friends. Rock School is the ultimate experience for musicians of all ages!




At Good Vibes, we are dedicated to a student - centered approach to music instruction. Although the term "student - centered learning" has broad implications, it may be difficult to determine precisely what our concept or program entails without first understanding the fundamental characteristics of a student centered approach:

1. Teaching and learning is "personalized", meaning that it adresses the distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations, or cultural backgrounds of individual students.

2. Students advance in their education when they demostrate they have learned the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn.

3. Students are given opportunities to make choices about their own learning and contribute to the design of the learning experiences.



Dating back many years, educators, have used the terms "curriculum - based" and "student - centered" to describe two distinct approaches to instruction.

Curriculum based learning typically refers to learning situations in which material is controlled and structured, and the teacher or program administrator determines what the student studies and the ways in which they study it. In programs that are curriculum - based , the teachers tends to be the most active person in the room and does most of the talking. Teachers may also decide to teach students in ways that are easy, familiar, or personally prefered, which traditionally does not work well with all learners.

in contrast, student - centered typically refers to forms of instruction that give students opportunities to participate more actively in discussions, design their own learning projects, explore topics that interest them, and generally contribute to the design of their own course study.

In education, the term "student - centered learning" is often used synonymously with "personalized learning", since  the general goal is to make individual learning needs the primary consideration in important eduactional and instructional decisions. It recognizes learners as individuals, and places each student´s personal needs, interests, and aspirations as the primary consideration.  




All our teachers are certified musicians with pedagogic music formation.

At Good Vibes, students will have bilingual teachers that firmly believe in our vision and that are committed to teaching music in a supportive environment where a big smile, sense of humor, empathy and motivation are key to develop musicians in a fun and interactive way!



Good Vibes Rock School, is a fantastic place where kids enjoy the fascinating world of music, at the time they create new friends and evolve in their musical journey! Extremely recommended!

—  Catherine, United States